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Make your wedding a work of art!

Destination Wedding photographer in Italy and Europe...

Destination wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast

Treat yourself to a unique experience through elegant and exciting photography.​

I have always loved photography because it can stop time.
Over the past year, I have been asking myself... why not make artwork instead of classic wedding photography?

With my photography, I want you to have 'little works of art' to admire in your home.
Every Destination wedding, Elopement or Proposal is personally curated by me, one by one, I do not delegate this task to anyone else.

Every single photograph is conceived, shot, selected and edited by me.
I love my job because it allows me to travel and discover new places.
I often work around Europe and am often on the Amalfi Coast as a destination wedding photographer, collaborating with the best wedding planners and working in the most exclusive locations on the coast.
My work as destination wedding photographer has taken me to work in Paris, London, Marrakech producing unique editorial work.


make your event unique!

No job will be the same as another because each job is made exclusively for you.

Every single event is carefully selected by me, every photograph is arranged and corrected one by one, just like a craftsmanship.

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