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Make your destination wedding a work of ART!

"Behind the scenes at A.C. Fotografia, there is Andrea...

A serious professional, with innovative ideas and above all with so much passion in his work! Chosen to immortalise my wedding:

Satisfaction 10/10!

I recommend him to everyone who wants something unique without 'fossilising' on the price alone!"

Shooting-in-Verona-Sofia (194 di 220).jpg

With my experience and passion for wedding and couples photography, I will help you create fashionable photos that tell your story and last forever.

Discover the art of wedding photography in beautiful Italy with A.C. Fotografia studio.


I am a professional photographer specialising in wedding proposals, elopements and destination weddings with over 10 years of experience.


I have photographed weddings in various locations around the world, including the beautiful

Amalfi Coast, Lake Garda, Paris, London, Marrakech, Katmandu, Japan, Lake Como, Rome, Venice, Florence, Mexico, Santorini and many other destinations around the world.


I have had the pleasure of telling stories of weddings of different ethnicities, I have documented Indian, Iranian, French, English, Italian, Israeli and Turkish weddings...


I have made several marriage proposals of Australian, Japanese, American, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Canadian couples.


Your marriage proposal, elopement or wedding is unique to me!


Take a look at my wedding gallery to see examples of my work.

My passion is capturing the most beautiful and exciting moments of your day.


I use my editorial-style photography to tell your story and create unforgettable memories.


My editorial-style images enchant and tell stories, turning each shot into an everlasting memory.

Your event is unique for me!

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Destination wedding gallery

"An amazing photographer"

From the moment we have contacted A.C.Fotografia, he was immediately available, very enthusiastic and passionate about his work. He was excited about coming to Paris too. We had the chance to meet him about 2 months before the wedding. And then on the wedding day he was with us from 9am to midnight. And we have just adored all the photographs  he is a real artist and I recommend him a million times"


The importance of telling with details. 

Details are what makes a wedding special, what distinguishes it from others.


They are what tell the story of the couple, their personality and values.

That is why I strive to tell them in the best possible way.


If you are a nature-loving couple, you might choose to get married in a national park or perhaps on a white sandy beach... You could also add a personal touch to your flowers by choosing wild flowers or seasonal plants.


If you are a music-loving couple, you could choose a song or poem that has a special meaning for you. You could also organise a musical activity for your guests, such as a concert or jam session.


Whatever your love story is, the details are what will make it unique and special. Take the time to choose them carefully and your wedding will be a truly memorable day.

What If...

"If you dream of telling your story through the lens of Andrea of A.C.Fotografia, get ready for an extraordinary experience!


My artistic Editorial and Glamour style

will capture your essence and turn your event into a work of art.

Whether it is a romantic proposal, an intimate elopement or a fairytale wedding, I am ready to turn every moment into a page of an unforgettable book.

Making your photographs unique.

Whether your event is on the picturesque Amalfi Coast, European elegance or an exotic setting around the world, I am ready to follow you wherever you wish.

Choose from some of the packages created and tailor-made for you. 

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