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Who I am!


Hi everyone! 

I'm Andrea, the creative behind the lens at A.C.Fotografia and founder of Brides Community and Weddings Amalfi Coast.
My passion for wedding photography goes far beyond the art of capturing simple images; for me, each shot is a unique work of art that tells the love story of a couple.

Beyond the lens,
I am passionate about books, travel,MUSIC and motorbikes.

I find inspiration in exploring the world, discovering new cultures and places, which enriches my creative spirit by always being open-mouthed at every place I visit.

I am fortunate enough to work all over Italy and in various European destinations, such as London, Paris, the French Riviera, Morocco and Spain, I have had the honour of telling and documenting weddings in breathtaking settings. 
I love people and their unique stories, which is why I chose to become a wedding and couples photographer.

My goal is to give my clients not just photos, but authentic works of art that capture the essence and emotion of their special day.

I look forward to collaborating with you to tell your story, wherever it may be.

Join me on Instagram at a.c.fotografia_wedding to discover more details of my work and the stories of love I have captured. I hope to meet you soon and create a lasting memory of your wedding together.


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