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Real Weddings

Be inspired by the most beautiful stories.

Tell your love story with a dream wedding.


Imagine exchanging your vows against the breathtaking backdrop of the Amalfi Coast while on board a boat, or passing under the Rialto Bridge in Venice along the canals in a gondola or dancing under the Eiffel Tower on the enchanted streets of Paris. 

Or why not do a glamorous shoot on the streets of London! Do you like the heat? Then why not choose in the agafay desert in Marrakech, where you can exchange wedding vows in the desert where the light is unique.

Whatever the destination for your wedding, A.C.Fotografia will be delighted to plan and accompany you on your journey, turning your dream into reality in some of the world's most fascinating destinations.


from Canada

Article: A.C.Fotografia
Photo: A.C.Fotografia


Laura was a young Canadian woman, independent and curious. She loved travelling and discovering new cultures. One day, she was in Toronto for an international music festival. In the crowd, she met the gaze of Sheik, a young man of Bangladeshi origin. It was love at first sight.

Laura and Sheik started dating. Laura was fascinated by Sheik's culture, so different from her own. Sheik, on the other hand, was impressed by Laura's strong and independent personality. The two fell madly in love.

After a year of relationship, Laura and Sheik decided to get married. Their wedding was celebrated on the Amalfi Coast, in Furore with a few intimates. It was a romantic and intimate wedding, reflecting the couple's personality.

The two young people spent their wedding night in a villa overlooking the sea, Villa Conca Smeraldo in Furore.
The next morning, they woke up early to take a walk on the beach in Positano, which is not far from their villa. 
It was a sunny day, and the sea was calm and blue. Laura and Sheik held hands, and felt happy and united.

The wedding lasted two days. 
The first day with a typical Bangladeshi ceremony, the second day at the 'Dolce Vita'.
Laura and Sheik spent time with their loved ones, eating, dancing and celebrating, and spent the rest of the holiday in Italy. It was an unforgettable moment, marking the beginning of a new life together.

from Italy

Andrea and Sharon

Elopement in Jamaica Beach

Sharon and Andrea: A sunset of love at Jamaica beach.

Article: A.C.Fotografia
Photo: A.C.Fotografia

Planning A.C.Fotografia

Sharon and Andrea are a young Italian married couple and for their photo shoot they decided to take a romantic getaway on the beautiful Jamaica beach in Sirmione, in the beautiful setting of Lake Garda.
After the photo shoot, they watched an unforgettable sunset, which celebrated their love.

The sunset at Jamaica beach was a magical moment that Sharon and Andrea will always remember.


from New York

Jake and Rebecca: Get married in Positano in a dream elopement.

Article: A.C.Fotografia
Photo: A.C.Fotografia
Planninng: A.C.Fotografia

Jake and Rebecca, two New York sweethearts, had always dreamed of getting married in Italy. One day, they finally decided to realise their dream and booked a flight to Positano, a beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast overlooking the sea.

On the day of their elopement, Jake and Rebecca woke up early and carefully prepared themselves.

At 7:00 a.m., a vintage car picked them up from their hotel and drove them to the top of the hill in Positano.

From there, the view was breathtaking. The sea was deep blue and the mountains were silhouetted on the horizon.

Their wedding in Positano was a dream come true. It was a perfect day, spent with the person they loved most in the world.

From Italian Dolomites

Andrea and Stefania: An intimate and romantic elopement at Passo Giau.

Article: A.C.Fotografia
Photo: A.C.Fotografia

Planning: A.C.Fotografia

Andrea and Stefania, two young lovers from Cortina d'Ampezzo, decided to get married in an intimate and romantic way at Passo Giau, one of the most beautiful scenic roads in the Dolomites.

On their wedding day, they met at a vantage point from which they could admire the beauty of the mountains. 
The ceremony was short and simple, but full of meaning. 
After the ceremony, they celebrated their marriage with a romantic dinner in a mountain refuge in the centre of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Andrea and Stefania spent the rest of the day exploring the Dolomites, enjoying the beauty of nature and their love.

Passo Giau, the ideal location for a romantic elopement

Passo Giau is one of the most beautiful scenic roads in the Dolomites, situated at an altitude of 2,236 metres. The road offers breathtaking views of the Dolomite peaks, including Mount Pelmo, Mount Civetta and Mount Nuvolau.

Passo Giau is an ideal location for a romantic elopement. Its natural beauty and intimate atmosphere make it the perfect place to celebrate love in a simple and unforgettable way.

Andrea and Stefania crowned their dream of love with an intimate and romantic elopement at Passo Giau. Their story is an example of how a wedding can be special even if celebrated in a simple way.


From London

Kathryn e Oliver

Engagement in

Kathryn and Oliver: Engagement under the tower bridge in London

Article: A.C.Fotografia
Photo: A.C.Fotografia
Planning: A.C.Fotografia

Kathryn and Oliver met in London, where they both live.
After five years of engagement, Oliver decided to do the big proposal.

Oliver chose Tower Bridge as the location for the proposal. On the day of the proposal, he took Kathrin to the bridge for a romantic walk. When they arrived, the bridge was full of people but they found a very secluded spot despite the crowds on Tower Bridge.

Kathryn and Oliver decided to immortalise their love with an engagement photo shoot. The photo shoot took place at Tower Bridge and other iconic London locations such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park.

Kathryn and Oliver's story is a simple and real love story. It is the story of two people who met in London and fell in love.

Their story is an inspiration to everyone who is looking for love.


From Italy

Jasmine e Gabriele

Romantic Elopement in Italy under the moon

Jasmine and Gabriele: Engagement under the stars.

Article: A.C.Fotografia
Photo: A.C.Fotografia
Planning: A.C.Fotografia

Jasmine and Gabriele, madly in love, decided to crown their love with a special engagement, a shoot in the dark. The photo shoot took place in a typical Italian countryside,

Jasmine and Gabriele found themselves in a completely deserted field at sunset. The sky had warm shades, from red to purple....
When the sun set, the sky turned dark. Jasmine and Gabriel were alone, surrounded only by nature.

He said to her at one point, "Jasmine, I love you more than anything in the world," he said. "Will you marry me?"

The photographer captured the emotion of that moment.

The photos are full of feeling and romance.



Betim and Linda

Stylish Elopement in Venice

Betim and Linda, A romantic sunrise photo shoot in Venice.

Article: A.C.Fotografia
Photo: A.C.Fotografia
Planning: A.C.Fotografia

Betim and Linda are a couple in love who chose to celebrate their elopement in one of the most romantic and unique places in the world: Venice. Their photo shoot took place at 6am as Venice is deserted at that hour.
St Mark's Square, Rialto Bridge at that hour are really enjoyable.

The moment was perfect. The sky was clear and the sun was rising, illuminating the city with its warm colours. Betim and Linda looked beautiful.

The pictures are romantic and evocative, and perfectly convey the love between the bride and groom.


from Italy
Nicole and Camilla

Same sex photoshooting

Nicole and Camilla: Romantic photo shooting in the Brescia city.


Article: A.C.Fotografia

Photo: A.C.Fotografia

Planning: A.C.Fotografia

Nicole and Camilla met at a stage in their lives when their future seemed already written. 

Nicole was a young career woman, with a stable job that seemed perfect. Camilla was also a career woman.


 But fate had something different in store for them. The affinity and deep complicity that united them from the first moment invaded their hearts, challenging every aspect of their lives.


 Nicole and Camilla decided to follow their hearts, even if it meant giving up everything they had built. They left their respective partners and moved to a new city together.


 Day after day, making details and nuances unique, they chose each other. Their love story is an example of courage, determination and unconditional love.


from Italy
Magda and Michal

Intimate Elopement on Lake Garda

Magda and Michal: A beautiful elopement in Lake Garda.


Article A.C.Fotografia:

Photo: A.C.Fotografia

Planning: A.C.Fotografia

Magda and Michal met in Poland, where they both grew up. They immediately fell in love and started dating. After a year of relationship, Michal proposed to Magda and she said yes.


They knew they wanted to get married, but they didn't want a big ceremony with lots of guests. They wanted something more intimate and romantic. They therefore decided to organise a beautiful elopement on Lake Garda.


Lake Garda is a beautiful place, located in northern Italy. It is famous for its crystal-clear waters, its mountains and its picturesque villages. Magda and Michal knew it would be the perfect place for their elopement.


On the day of the shoot, Magda and Michal woke up early to get ready.

Magda wore a beautiful white dress and Michal a black suit. They left for Lake Garda by car, to Gargnano where they would meet Andrea, photographer of A.C.Fotografia.


When they arrived at the lake, they were speechless. The landscape was breathtaking. They stopped at a viewpoint and admired the view.


Then, they headed for the shooting location.


A beautiful villa surrounded by greenery.


The ceremony was short but romantic.

Magda and Michal exchanged vows and exchanged rings.

 After the ceremony, Magda and Michal celebrated with a small reception in a villa by the lake Garda. The food was delicious and the wine was excellent. They danced the night away and had a great time.



 Magda and Michal are a beautiful and loving couple. Their wedding was an example of how love can be simple and romantic at the same time. If you are thinking of organising an elopement, Lake Garda is a perfect place. It is a place that offers breathtaking scenery and a romantic atmosphere.

Editoral elopement in Passo Giau

From Paris
Drazen and Lisamaria

Stylish engagement in Paris

Drazen and Lisamaria:Stylish engagement in Paris.

Article A.C.Fotografia
Photo: A.C.Fotografia
Planning: A.C.Fotografia

When I was 18 I left Corsica to study in Paris.

In early September, my hair burned from a very sunny summer, I went to a hairsalon in Paris where Drazen worked. I remember his smile the first time I saw him.

I immediately liked him.
We talked about my new life as a student and rock concerts, especially the band Guns N' Roses.
Too shy I did not return to the hairsalon before the end of January.

When I went back he recognized  me immediately and remembered our conversation.
He asked me if I had finally gone to a rock concert. The answer was no.
We threw small looks and frank smiles (we each had a crush on the smile of the other).

When I was leaving he left me his card with his phone number and simply offered to help me find a nice concert without necessarily being part of the game. I liked this delicate approach.

We met again quickly in the center of Paris for a coffee, followed by a restaurant and a cinema.
We walked a lot, talked and laughed and it’s been 12 years since.

From London
Taylor and Sam

Intimate Destination wedding in Positano (Amalfi Coast)

Taylor and Sam:From London, Intimate destination wedding in Positano.

Article: A.C.Fotografia 

Photo: A.C.Fotografia







Taylor and Sam got married yesterday in a dreamlike ceremony in the beautiful Campania resort. The two lovers, who have known each other since they were children, crowned their dream of love in a picturesque setting, surrounded by a few close friends and family.


 The ceremony took place in the church in the historic centre of Positano, on a warm, sunny day.

Taylor was dressed in a white wedding dress, while Sam wore an elegant black dinner jacket.


After the ceremony, the bride and groom went for a beautiful boat ride and their guests moved to Rada Positano a private villa by the sea for the reception.


On their return Taylor and Sam made a toast to open the dinner.

The party was full of joy and merriment. The guests danced and sang late into the night, enjoying the breathtaking view of the Amalfi Coast.


"It was the best day of my life," Taylor said after the ceremony. 


Positano, a perfect destination for weddings.

The resort offers a picturesque setting, with its colourful houses overlooking the sea. Moreover, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, with its breathtaking landscapes.


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