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Decorate your home

My prints as home décor


My passion for travel photograph.

I am Andrea, and besides being a professional destination wedding photographer, I am a travel photographer.
I have always loved travelling and discovering new places but ever since I discovered photography, I realised it was the perfect way to capture my experiences and share them with others.

I have travelled from Italy to Morocco, and then from Spain to London... in short, I love to travel.
The purpose of travelling, besides enriching me culturally, is to create through my photographs unique works that you can print and hang in your home as furniture.

My travel photographs are taken with the utmost care and attention to detail. I try to capture the essence of the places I visit, the beauty of nature and the diversity of cultures.

I am always looking for new stories to tell through my photographs. I want to share my passion for travel and discovery with others.

If you are looking for images that capture the beauty and magic of the world, my photographs are the perfect choice for you.
Do you have a project in mind that you would like to develop together? Would you like me to produce a unique photograph or reportage?
Then all you have to do is contact me, I look forward to making something unique for you.


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